Chain of Responsibility Course


What is the Chain of Responsibility?

The Chain of Responsibility aims to reduce risk and increase the safety of transport tasks by ensuring everyone in a supply chain shares responsibility for compliance with the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

That means, under Chain of Responsibility laws, if you exercise (or have the capability of exercising) control or influence over any part of a transport task, you have a responsibility to ensure breaches of the HVNL do not occur.

The Chain of Responsibility exists because the law recognises multiple parties may be responsible for offences ultimately committed by drivers and operators of heavy vehicles. From breaches associated with road transport mass, dimensions and loading, to speed compliance and unlawful work hours, all parties in the chain are responsible for reducing the risks of the elements they, or their business, has control over.

Legal liability applies to all parties for their actions or inactions and a person may be a party in the supply chain in more than one way – for example, they may have duties as the employer,the operator and the consigner of goods. The Chain of Responsibility laws apply to all types and levels of road traffic offences, with five focus areas targeted under the new Australian legislation.


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