FBP40421 Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology


FBP40421 Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology targets those working in technical and supervisory roles covering product development, food safety and quality, food production and distribution, environmental functions, and the maintenance and monitoring of food processing systems. The job roles require specialist technical skills and knowledge in food science and technology to complete routine and non-routine tasks and functions, and workers have responsibility for their own functions and outputs, along with limited responsibility for the output of others.

This qualification offers an optional specialisation in Food Safety Auditing. Users interested in this option must refer to relevant state, territory and Commonwealth food safety legislation and the National Regulatory Food Safety Auditor Guideline and Policy for details of auditing requirements in low, medium and high-risk settings, and to understand the food safety auditing work context.


There are no stated entry requirements for FBP40421 Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology


While there are no stated participant requirements for FBP40421 Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology, Pivotal Education requires participants to be working in the food or food related industries in order to undertake the practical application and assessment in the work place.


52 weeks based on customisation requirements but may vary based on:

  • Customisation and employment outcome for elective units of competency selected
  • Self-paced learning


Graduates may work as any of the following:

  • Food technologist
  • Quality systems coordinator
  • Food safety auditor
  • Product development team member


Pathways into the Qualification

A pathway for candidates considering this qualification includes:

  • FBP30121 – Certificate III in Food Processing

Pathways from the qualification:

After successfully achieving FBP40421 Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology, candidates may develop their pathway to other further studies such as FBP50121 Diploma of Food Science and Technology


FBP40421 Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology course structure requires students to successfully complete twenty (20) units of competency as follows:

  • Eight (8) core units of competency
  • twelve (12) elective units of competency

Unit CodeUnit Title C/E
BSBWHS411Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programsCore
FBPFST4004Perform microbiological procedures in the food industryCore
FBPFST4011Apply the principles of nutrition to food processingCore
FBPFSY4001Supervise and maintain a food safety planCore
FBPTEC4003Control food contamination and spoilageCore
FBPTEC4007Describe and analyse data using mathematical principlesCore
MSL974020Perform food testsCore
MSMENV472Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practicesCore
FBPAUD4001Assess compliance with food safety programsE – Group A
FBPAUD4002Communicate and negotiate to conduct food safety auditsE – Group A
FBPAUD4003Conduct food safety auditsE – Group A
FBPAUD4004Identify, evaluate and control food safety hazardsE – Group A
FBPFST5006Apply food microbiological techniques and analysisE – Group A
FBPFSY3003Monitor the implementation of food safety and quality programsE – Group A
SIRRFSA001Handle food safely in a retail environmentE – Group A
FBPOPR4001Apply principles of statical process controlE – General
FBPPPL3003Participate in improvement processE – General
FBPPPL4007Manage internal auditsE – General
FBPTEC4006Apply an understanding of legal requirements of food productionE – General
FBPTEC4011Establish process capabilityE – General


Pivotal Education understands the philosophy that training should be tailored to suit individual client’s business objectives. Therefore, Pivotal Education can customise the elective units of competency to suit prospective client’s specific industry requirements. Customisation may result in changes to the duration required to complete the qualification.


Pivotal Education delivers in the following locations:

  • Workplace – employees can benefit from training and assessment in the work place and particularly in their work area to make the experience meaningful and relevant to vocational outcomes
  • Self-paced – Canvas online learning access with trainer led face to face/zoom sessions


Training is delivered through blended flexible training and assessment including group sessions, one to one delivery and work station observation. This may include:

  • Face to face/zoom instruction in a designated quiet area
  • Practical demonstration/observation in the work station area as required
  • Mentoring
  • Integrated online learning through Canvas
  • Component of self-paced study to research and prepare for assessments


Students will be assessed using relevant assessment methods for each unit which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Short answer assessment questions
  • Practical demonstration/observation


Students that successfully complete all 20 units of competency as stated in the Course Structure will be issued with FBP40421 Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology by Pivotal Education. This qualification is recognised nationally under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Students that complete some but not all of the units of competency as stated in the Course Structure may be issued with a Statement of Attainment by Pivotal Education. It will identify only those units of competence that have been completed as part of the qualification and recognised nationally under the AQF.


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