General English

CRICOS Course Code: 102937B


General English is a non-award course designed to prepare students for conversation, everyday situations and daily interactions that take place when travelling or living in an English-speaking country.  Students learn and practice the four macro-skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking in an interactive environment. Levels of difficulty increase over the duration of the course to assist students to develop their skills and to be more confident and fluent in English.

The course is structured into 6 levels (Starter, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced). Each of the levels has a duration of 10 weeks (the study period) and the course in total is 60 weeks. The specific outcomes for each level are detailed in the section of this curriculum document on course outcomes.


Students can choose to study from 10 weeks to 60 weeks


There are no specific educational pre-requisites for entry into this course, as entry into this level is based on assessment of English language proficiency.


The General English course is made up of 60 units of study, each of which is delivered over a week. Face to face classroom only.

Teaching methods include teacher directed and student-centred learning.  Delivery will be flexible taking into account the different learning styles, cultures and needs of students.  Macro-skills will be developed using communicative and integrated techniques. 

A combination of the following delivery methods will be used: presentations, discussions, role-plays, oral presentations, individual and group instruction, audio visual materials, web-based research, online activities and independent research. 

The students will use authentic materials, together with materials prepared specifically for language learning within the classroom.


The following timetable is a sample weekly timetable to show the contact hours of 20 hours per week. Pivotal Education can offer a morning or afternoon shift based on student numbers.

Morning Shift
8:00am – 10:00am Shift 1Shift 1Shift 1Shift 1Shift 1
10:00am – 10:15am Break
10:15am – 12:15pm Shift 1Shift 1 Shift 1Shift 1Shift 1
Afternoon Shift
1:00pm – 3:00pm Shift 2Shift 2 Shift 2Shift 2Shift 2
3:00pm – 3:15pm Break
3:15pm – 5:15pm Shift 2Shift 2 Shift 2Shift 2Shift 2


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