MSM30116 Certificate III in Process Manufacturing


The Certificate III in Process Manufacturing provides the competencies required by advanced production workers who use a range of equipment and provide support functions directly related to producing products. They would undertake more advanced roles than workers with a Certificate II in Process Manufacturing, working in accordance with operating procedures and applying knowledge to anticipate problems and solve a range of foreseen and unforeseen problems.

This qualification is designed for use across process manufacturing sectors such as:

  • Chemical, hydrocarbons and oil refining
  • Plastics, rubber and cable making
  • Manufactured mineral products

It includes the same range of electives, but with different packaging rules to provide a qualification for workers unable to meet the technical requirements of PMA, PMB or PMC.

This qualification covers:

  • Production support workers – people working in manufacturing and filling the vital production support roles but who may not have the opportunity to develop competency in sufficient technical units related directly to producing products
  • Employees who operate across more than one category within process manufacturing or ‘specialised processes’ and elsewhere when required


52 weeks based on NSW Training Plan requirements but may vary based on:

  • Customisation and employment outcome for elective units of competency selected
  • Employee availability release time per week for workplace training
  • Submission of evidence for RPL or Credit Transfer


There are no entry requirements for MSM30116 Certificate III in Process Manufacturing.


Graduates at this level are able to perform roles such as:

  • Process operator
  • Manufacturing team leader
  • Production team member
  • Process support officer


Pathways into the qualification:

Preferred pathway for candidates considering this qualification include:

  • MSM20116 Certificate II in Process Manufacturing

Pathways from the qualification:

After successfully achieving MSM30116 Certificate III in Process Manufacturing, candidates may progress through the process manufacturing pathway to:

  • MSM40116 Certificate IV in Process Manufacturing


MSM30116 Certificate III in Process Manufacturing course structure requires students to successfully complete twenty-one (21) units of competency as follows:

  • Four (4) core units of competency
  • Seventeen (17) elective units of competency
Unit Code Unit Title C/E
MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices Core
MSMWHS200 Work safely Core
MSMSUP210 Process and record information Core
MSS402051 Apply quality standards Core
MEM03001B Perform manual production assembly Elective
MSMSUP300 Identify and apply process improvements Elective
MSMSUP309 Maintain and organise workplace records Elective
TAEDEL301 Provide work skill instruction Elective
MSMSUP383 Facilitate a team Elective
MSMSUP303 Identify equipment faults Elective
MSMSUP200 Achieve work outcomes Elective
MSMSUP280 Manage conflict at work Elective
MSMWHS100 Follow WHS procedures Elective
MSMWHS201 Conduct hazard analysis Elective
MSS402020 Apply quick changeover procedures Elective
MSS402040 Apply 5S procedures Elective
MSS402080 Undertake root cause analysis Elective
MSMWHS205 Control minor incidents Elective
MSMSUP240 Undertake minor maintenance Elective
MSMSUP106 Work in a team Elective
MSMSUP100 Apply workplace context to own job Elective


Pivotal Education understands the philosophy that training should be tailored to suit individual client’s business objectives. Therefore, Pivotal Education can customise the elective units of competency to suit prospective client’s specific industry requirements. Customisation may result in changes to the duration required to complete the qualification.


Certificate III in Process Manufacturing can be delivered in the following locations:

  • Workplace
  • Pivotal Education campus
  • Arranged external venue


Training is delivered through blended flexible work-based training and assessment including group sessions, one to one delivery and work station observation. This may include:

  • Face to Face instruction in a designated quiet area
  • Practical demonstration/observation in the work station area as required
  • Mentoring
  • Integrated online learning through Canvas
  • Component of self-paced study to research and prepare for assessments
  • Workplace supervision


Students will be assessed using relevant assessment methods for each unit which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Short answer assessment questions
  • Practical demonstration observation
  • Project task
  • Portfolio of evidence/workplace documents
  • Third party report
  • Indicates essential evidence of completing a work-based training

Assessment is conducted at the following session to which the training has been conducted allowing the participant to carry out tasks directly related to the unit of competency studied and the supervisor to adequately observe the student in depth during this time period.


Students are provided with the following:

  • Student guides
  • Student assessments


Students that successfully complete all 21 units of competency as stated in the Course Structure will be issued with a certificate for MSM30116 Certificate III in Process Manufacturing by Pivotal Education. This qualification is recognised nationally under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Students that complete some but not all of the units of competency as stated in the Course Structure may be issued with a Statement of Attainment by Pivotal Education. It will identify only those units of competence that have been completed as part of the qualification and recognised nationally under the AQF.


Please refer to Pivotal Education website at for details of the following conditions of enrolment:

  • Student entry support
    • Language literacy numeracy
    • Recognition of prior learning
    • Credit transfer
  • Eligibility
  • Applications
  • Verification of documentation
  • Deferral of commencement
  • Personal and contact details
  • Unique student identifier
  • Fee payments
  • Refund and cancellation
  • Complaints
  • Termination
  • Consumer rights


  1. Students who give notice to cancel their enrolment more than 10 days prior to the commencement of a program will be entitled to a full refund of fees paid
  2. Students who give notice to cancel their enrolment less than 10 days prior to the commencement of a program will be entitled to a 75% refund of fees paid
  3. The amount retained (25%) by Pivotal Education is required to cover the costs of staff and resources which will have already been committed based on the student’s initial intention to undertake the training
  4. Students who cancel their enrolment after a training program has commenced will not be entitled to a refund of fees.


Students may access the following website for all essential information regarding this Qualifications:


All completed Enrolment Forms go directly to RTO Enrolments, Pivotal Education via email at any time. Enrolment forms in person will be accepted during business hours. Refer to RTO details chart below for contact details and business hours.


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