NSW Smart and Skilled Funded Training

NSW Smart and Skilled

NSW Smart and Skilled is the NSW Government program for vocational education and training which was originally established as a reform of the vocational education and training system giving people the chance to gain the skills they need to get a job or advance their career.

Smart and Skilled provides eligible students with an entitlement to government-subsidised training up to and including Certificate III as well as government funding for higher-level courses (Certificate IV and above) in targeted priority areas. Pivotal Education is an Approved Smart and Skilled Provider and the chart below includes the list of approved qualifications that Pivotal Education is approved to deliver under the following NSW Smart and Skilled Programs:

Pivotal Education Qualification *NSW Smart and Skilled Program

BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

🗸   🗸

BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety


BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management

🗸   🗸

FBP20122 Certificate II in Food Processing

🗸 🗸  

FBP30121 Certificate III in Food Processing

🗸 🗸  

FBP30822 Certificate III in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

🗸 🗸  

FBP40321 Certificate IV in Food Processing

🗸   🗸

FBP40421 Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology


FBP40522 Certificate IV in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

🗸   🗸

MSM30116 Certificate III in Process Manufacturing

🗸 🗸  

MSS30322 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices


SIR30316 Certificate III in Business to Business Sales


SIT30622 Certificate III in Hospitality

🗸 🗸  

TLI30321 Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations


*NSW Smart and Skilled Program Legend:

  • EAT = Entitlement Apprenticeship and Traineeship
    All NSW regions
  • EFQ = Entitlement Full Qualification (qualifications up to Certificate III)
    Sydney (all listed), Central West (FBP30822 only), Tweed (FBP30121 only)
  • TPFQ = Targeted priorities Full Qualification (qualifications Certificate IV and above)
    Sydney only

Eligibility Criteria

Smart and Skilled course participants may include people who are:

  • NSW apprentice or trainee

or meet the following eligibility requirements

  • 15 years old or over
  • no longer at school or home-schooled students
  • living or working in NSW (or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person living in specific NSW border areas)
  • an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen

Check the Smart and Skilled Student Eligibility Policy

Go to eligibility link at https://www.nsw.gov.au/education-and-training/vocational/funding/smart-skilled-employers#toc-who-is-eligible

Courses and Providers

Workers and employers in NSW can choose from a range of Smart and Skilled government-subsidised courses. Subject to the availability of training places there is also:

  • targeted funding of higher-level training
  • part qualifications in priority industries.

The NSW Skills List defines the courses subsidised under Smart and Skilled. It has been developed through extensive consultation with industry and community organisations.

Enrolment and Notification of Enrolment process

Prospective students applying to undertake a Smart and Skilled approved qualification with Pivotal Education must concurrently undertake the NSW Smart and Skilled Notification of Enrolment Process as follows including:

  • Pivotal Education Student Enrolment Form
  • Smart and Skilled Integrated Subsidised Training Eligibility and Consent Form
    • Program and qualification details
    • Eligibility criteria
    • Student Eligibility Declaration
    • Authorise Pivotal Education and the Department to have appropriate access to USI records
    • Consent to Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
      (If the prospective student does not provide their consent, Pivotal Education will not proceed with the Notification of Enrolment Process)
  • Provide two forms of ID such as:
    • NSW Driver’s License
    • Medicare card
  • Prospective student has provided information that is true, accurate, and complete
  • Ensure a Notification of Enrolment process has not concurrently been completed for the same qualification and/or same units of competency for the same or other qualification(s)
  • In the event there is a Third-Party arrangement, the prospective student has been made aware prior to enrolment
  • Prospective student has been provided with the details of any Fee chargeable as per itemised fees generated by the Provider Calculator
  • Successful completion of the Notification of Enrolment process will result in the issue of a Commitment ID

Smart and Skilled Apprentices and Trainees

Government funding is available for the formal training component of apprenticeships and most traineeships. Some employers are responsible for paying the fees for their apprentices. This varies according to the award. The process for how the subsidies work under Smart and Skilled are as follows:

  • All apprenticeship qualifications are subsidised under Smart and Skilled. Some are eligible for fee free training (from 2018). Refer to the Smart and Skilled Fee Administration Policy
  • Most traineeship qualifications for trainees who are new entrants are subsidised under Smart and Skilled. NSW new entrant trainees that commence training on or after 1 January 2020 may be eligible for fee free training.  Refer to the  Smart and Skilled Fee Administration Policy

Smart and Skilled Fee Information

A single set of fees apply to government-subsidised courses delivered by approved providers. The student fee will be the same regardless of the Smart and Skilled provider the student chooses to deliver the Smart and Skilled qualification. Smart and Skilled fees are set for the full qualification, not yearly or by semester.

Refer to the NSW Smart and Skilled website for prices, fees and subsidies page.

Smart and Skilled providers advise students before they enrol of any charges additional to the student fee.

Smart and Skilled Fees and Price List

The following documents provide detailed information on:  

  • Smart and Skilled qualification prices  
  • student fees  
  • additional payments over and above the subsidy (known as “loadings”).  

To calculate the subsidy, you can subtract the relevant fee from the qualification price. 

Qualification prices

For more about qualification prices see NSW Skills List for Smart and Skilled.

NSW Smart and Skilled Website

NSW Smart and Skilled website provides all the information that prospective employers and students need to know about Smart and Skilled before deciding to enrol in a qualification. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Courses
  • Estimated course fees
  • Enrolment and Notification of Enrolment Process
  • Declarations and consents
  • Information for students and employers
  • Consumer protection and estimated student fees where applicable

The links to NSW Smart and Skilled website are:




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