Student Entry Support


Pivotal Education ensures that students are provided with support prior to selecting and enrolling in an appropriate qualification. These include but are not limited to:

  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy:
    • An LLN diagnostic tool is available for potential students
    • On enrolment Pivotal Education will provide additional assistance to applicants identified with special needs in regard to language, literacy or numeracy; physical or intellectual ability; or cultural or ethnic background will be provided with complementary assistance to maximise the possibility of attainment of the national qualification sought.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
    • Pivotal Education recognises the skills and knowledge that students may have gained through previous studies and workplace and life experiences. Students may be entitled to gain recognition prior or after commencing the course that will exempt them from attending one or more units.
    • Students who believe they already have the skills and knowledge required to demonstrate competency can request RPL and should request a copy of the RPL Kit.
    • Students are provided with information about the evidence required for each qualification and must provide valid, sufficient, current and authentic evidence to demonstrate competency.  The assessor may require the student to undergo a challenge test/s.
    • Where RPL is granted to individual overseas students the Pivotal Education will notify DHA of the change to the duration of study though PRISMS reporting.
  • Credit Transfer
    • Relevant Australian Qualifications and Statements of Attainments that have been issued by any other Registered Training Organisation (RTO) will be recognised by Pivotal Education.
    • To apply for Credit Transfer learners must be able to present their original Qualification /Statement of Attainment or certified copies of the qualifications, with National codes and titles that match the current course in which the student is enrolled.
    • Where course credit is granted to individual overseas students Pivotal Education will notify DHA of the change to the duration of study though PRISMS reporting.

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